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Forms and Information

Joining Forms
  Adult Application
  Medical Form and Hold Harmless/Release
  Merit Badge Counselor Application
  Online - Medical and Hold Harmless/Release
  Registration Form 2012
Parent Forms
  Family Information Sheet 2012
  Hold Harmless Agreement 2012
  Membership Renewal Letter 2012
  Permission Slip
  Youth Protection
Patrol and Troop Checklist
  Adult Hiker Checklist
  Backpacking Cook Kit Inspection Form
  Bike and Camping Checklist
  Bike Safety
  Cook Kit Inspection
  Duty Roster
  Menu Planner
  Patrol Box Inspection
  Quartermaster Log
  Tent Inspection Form
  Troop Meeting Plan Form
  Uniform Inspection Sheet - Leaders
  Uniform Inspection Sheet - Scouts
Scoutmaster Forms
  NetCommish Forms
  Outing Information Sheet
  Tour Plan - Online Fillable
  Trek Sign Up Sheet
Troop 153 Forms and Info
  Troop 153 Calendar 2012
  Past Activity Summary
  Junior Leader Organizational Chart
  Event Income and Expense Report
  Check Request

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